Frequently Asked Questions


What is Modern Therapy?

Modern Therapy is a talk therapy practice. We make connecting with a therapist more convenient & accessible through messaging, email, phone & video sessions.

Who are the therapists?

Every therapist is clinically licensed & trained with either a Masters Degree or Doctorate Degree in their respected field & at least two years post graduate experience. To learn more about the therapists on our team click here.

How long until I can connect with a therapist?

You'll work with a non-clinical membership coordinator who will pair you with a therapist that's right for you. Once a match is made, you can begin working with your therapist within 24-48 hours.

What if I don't pair well with my therapist?

If you are unhappy with your therapist pairing, contact your coordinator & they can pair you with a therapist who is a better fit. 

How much does a membership cost?

We have a few different options. You can learn more about our memberships here. 

Modern Therapy does not accept insurance.

Is Modern Therapy covered by my insurance?

What state is my therapist liscensed in?

Your therapist must be licensed to practice talk therapy in the state you live in. 

Our sessions are conducted through messaging, email, phone or video.

How will I communicate with my counselor?

The length of therapy depends on your needs & varies from person to person. You & your therapist will create a specific treatment plan. You can end therapy whenever you have reached your goals. 

How long do I need Modern Therapy for?

As a client, you can expect a level of privacy and online security in line with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services standards. All of our communication methods are fully secure & HIPAA compliant. 

Is my privacy protected?

There is research confirming that online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy (Barak 2008).

Is online therapy just as effective as in person therapy?

What should I do if I feel like I am going to hurt myself or someone else?

Modern Therapy is not the appropriate resource for emergency situations. If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger click here for resources that can provide you with immediate help. 

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