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Employee Coaching Program

On Time cares about your mental wellbeing, and want's you to be as happy as you can - in and out of work! That's why they've partnered with Modern Therapy to create a personalized coaching program to help make your life the best it can be! As an employee of On Time, you have exclusive access to 4 weeks on online coaching by licensed therapists.

While this program can be helpful in any situation, some common reasons employees leverage this service is to: 


Manage Stress and Anxiety at Work

Control Anger

Improve Social and Communication Skills

Practice Assertiveness

Prevent Burnout

Receive Financial Coaching

Achieve Personal or Professional Goals

Cope with Depression or Sadness

Deal with Grief

Maximize their Relationships


How it works.

By electing to join this program, you'll receive 4x 60 minute coaching sessions over the phone by a licensed talk therapist. The cost of this program is covered by your employer, so it's easy to get started. Just click the button below!


Let's create a happier workplace... you spend a lot of time there!

Research has found that:

  1. 50% Of Employees With anxiety say it interferes with coworker relationships.

  2. 83% of US workers are stressed at work.

  3. 14% of workers feel like punching their colleagues and 29% have yelled at coworkers due to stress. 

  4. 80% of employees who worked with a professional reported Improvements.

    Will my employer know I am using this program?

    As part of our agreement with your employer, we never share any personally identifying information about who is enrolled in the coaching program. We do send a monthly report which shows the total number of people enrolled strictly for billing purposes.

    What is Modern Therapy?

    Modern Therapy is a tele-mental health company that provides convenient & affordable online talk therapy + coaching services. Peep the video below! 


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