A modern approach to talk therapy.

Modern Therapy offers the expertise of clinically licensed professionals in a way that is tailored to your unique needs by offering sessions in person or online.


Make Life Better.

That’s what talk therapy is all about. You’ll work one on one with your counselor to better understand your emotional framework and learn how to navigate to a happier and more productive life.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

“It has been a wonderful experience! I would definitely recommend Modern Therapy to a friend.”


“My therapist is delightful!”

- 8/30/2018

“I’ve been very pleased with the services. My therapist has been wonderful.”


The Process


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Fill out the Join Today form, call (800) 605-0612, or email info@moderntherapy.online.




15 min. free phone consultation with a coordinator to match you with the right therapist.


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Your assigned therapist will reach out to you directly to schedule your first appointment.

Our Specialties

Invest In Yourself

While therapy is a commitment, it is worth the investment. See the stats:

  • Therapy is 32 times more cost-efficient at alleviating psychological distress than money.

  • A study found that a significant reduction in anxiety had the same value to life satisfaction as being given $314,000.

  • Research shows processing traumatic experiences can improve a person’s immune functioning. Engaging in therapy reduces overall future medical costs by about 17%.

  • People who do not receive talk therapy can expect to see their overall medical costs increase by about 12% over time.


Reference: click here.

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