Online Therapy


Why online therapy? Because it’s …


Online therapy removes the biggest obstacles people face when seeking therapy. 


Who says you can't go to therapy in your slippers? Modern Therapy brings professional clinical services to you in whichever space you prefer. 


Studies shows that online therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy. Clients generally show higher satisfaction levels and positive clinical outcomes. 


While in person therapy costs $100 for a session, online therapy costs $25-$65 per week.


Sessions are conducted in a private space, via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing software which can be accessed through desktop or mobile app.



  1. Messaging: $25/week

    Reach out to your therapist whenever you need to! Your therapist will respond once daily Monday-Friday.

  2. Phone or Video: $65/50 min. session

    Connect with your therapist through our private and secure platform.

Insurance Coverage

We accept select insurances.

We currently offer online talk therapy services to clients 18 and older, residing in NJ or PA. For anyone living outside of those states interested in our services, we provide life coaching services. Read more about life coaching here.

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