Child Bedtime Pic.jpg

Bedtime Chart for Parents

Download this sticker chart to help motivate your child to improve their bedtime routine. It's super easy to use and effective! Follow these steps:

1. Make the chart behaviors clear

2. Identify the prize ahead of time

3. Make the prizes achievable & desired

4. Stay consistent & positive

5. Think of this as a reward, not a bribe

anxiety worksheet pic.jpg

Anxiety Thought Journal

Complete this anxiety thought journal any time you feel your anxiety level rising. This journal can be used whenever you need a way to organize your thoughts. When you note down your ideas, thoughts, and emotions, it helps your brain to unload some baggage, giving it room to think about other things. Using an anxiety thought journal will help you identify what patterns of thinking you need to change, how to let things go, learn healthier coping skills and thinking, and incorporate these changes into your life.

mood chart pic.jpg

Daily Mood Chart


Use this daily mood chart to prompt yourself to think about your emotional well-being alongside your environments and situations for a better understanding of how to control your moods. Fill in each column with a number response and try to fill the chart out at the same time each day. When rating your overall mood, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. Use this chart to alter your environments so you can be your best you!


Dream Journal Pic.jpeg

Dream Journal

Download this dream journal to begin tracking your dreams. 

  1. Before you go to bed, reflect on the type of day you had.
  2. Record your dream immediately upon waking up the next morning.
  3. Record the setting, the people, the actions and the emotions experienced in the dream. 
  4. How might the theme, emotions or actions in the dream relate to something that happened recently in your waking life?
Grounding Pic.jpeg

Grounding Exercises

We all know how terrible anxiety can feel. From the nauseous feeling before you give a presentation, to the panicky sensation when you have to try something new, to the overwhelming anxiety that incapacitates you. Grounding is a simple, but effective therapeutic technique that can help you when strong anxiety hits. You can use this sheet as a guide when anxiety hits!

Mood Elevator Pic.jpeg

Mood Elevator

We all experience a wide range of emotions that can sometimes feel like we are riding up and down an elevator. How well we manage these feelings has a strong impact on our relationships, our personal effectiveness, our career, and our experience of life. It is important that we are aware of where we fall on the mood elevator so we know how to effectively manage our emotions.