Self-esteem is the degree to which we feel confident, consider ourselves valuable, and respect ourselves, which greatly affects our well-being.

Why Is It Important?

Self-esteem can play a significant role in your level of motivation and success throughout your life. Low self-esteem may hold you back from succeeding at school or work because you don't believe yourself to be capable of success. By contrast, having a healthy self-esteem can help you achieve because you navigate life with a positive, assertive attitude and believe you can accomplish your goals.

Signs Of Healthy Self-Esteem


You probably have a healthy level of self esteem if you exhibit the following signs: 

  • You feel like you have a high level of confidence

  • You have the ability to say no

  • You have a generally positive outlook

  • You have the ability to see overall strengths and weaknesses and accept them

  • You don’t allow negative experiences to impact your overall perspective

  • You have the ability to express your needs

Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

You may need to work on how you perceive yourself if you exhibit any of these signs: 

  • You have a negative and fearful outlook

  • You lack of confidence

  • You struggle to express your own needs

  • You focus on your weaknesses

  • You have feelings of shame, depression, or anxiety

  • You belief that others are better than you

  • You have trouble accepting positive feedback

If you want to improve your self esteem, talk therapy can help.

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