Creating A Hope Box

A hope box is something you can create for when you need a reminder of why your life is so precious. This technique is often used in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to cultivate hope. It is simply a collection of various items that can show you that your life is meaningful and worth living.

Hope Box Objectives

There are several therapeutic objectives for using a hope box:

  • Identifying reasons for living or goals for the future that will assist in the desire for recovery

  • Thinking about ideas to put in the hope box that will keep you thinking positively

  • Encouraging using the hope box when feeling distressed as a healthy coping mechanism

  • Sharing the hope box with friends or family to assist with explaining what is important to you

What Goes In A Hope Box?

  • Letters, cards, or printed email from someone you care about

  • Pictures that bring up positive memories (family, friends, vacations, etc.)

  • Success documents (report card, diploma, certificates, awards, etc.)

  • Printed lyrics to a meaningful song

  • Jewelry that means something to you

  • Special quotes or Bible verses

  • Art that you have created or that someone has made for you

  • Your favorite book or magazine

  • Significant objects 

There may be times when more help is needed. On those days, call the suicide prevention hotline at (800) 273-TALK (8255).