How To Keep Things Simple

As humans, we tend to complicate things - it’s in our nature. But, there is something great about keeping things simple, even though it tends to be difficult. Keeping things simple can help to reduce your stress and keep you focused on the things that matter. Here are some tips on keeping things simple:

Don’t expect too much

Things will not always go the way that we want, which can leave us feeling that something is missing. When this happens, our emotions can grab hold of the situation and guide our assumptions. Expect that things may not always be exactly how we want and try to be genuinely okay with it.

Don’t criticize

Criticizing tends to be a lose-lose situation that create distance, spreads negative energy, and causes tension. Criticism leads to negative thinking, talking, and acting. A good approach to dealing with criticism is to stop yourself when you notice you’re about to say something negative and instead, say something positive about that person.

Be present

Life can seem simpler when we live in the moment. Try to be aware of everything that you are doing, feeling, and telling yourself. Learn to be okay with your feelings, even if they are not always comfortable. This will eventually translate into other areas of your life and you may find yourself enjoying the little things more than before.

Be kind

This in itself is a simple one, but often times difficult to do. Being kind will not only help to make yourself feel better, but it will allow others to get close to you so you can form positive and meaningful relationships.

Redefine things in your life

Odds are, you have an ideal world that you want to be living in - you see yourself as eventually being successful, powerful, having the perfect body, etc. Success will not actually define you, which means that you may never reach the level you want to be at. Attempt to redefine what is important and what success means to you. Step out of the rat race and prioritize things that will truly make you happy.

Ask why

Question yourself about why you do the things that you do. It you can’t come up with a meaningful reason, then chances are you shouldn’t be doing it. Be clear with yourself on why you want to do the things that you do and see if there is a real purpose behind it. Question if you can make a better decision that can lead to a life full of more purpose.

Focus on yourself

It is too easy to focus on everyone around you, especially if you worry about what they think about you. When you separate yourself from what other people think or their expectations, life becomes a lot better. Shut down the outside noise and try to focus on your inner noise.

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