Any parent of a teenager knows that there are a lot of emotional ups and downs. With the pressures of school, social lives, and the general confusion that comes with growing up, it’s no wonder they can get a little overwhelmed.

Signs Your Teen May Need Talk Therapy

  • Their behavior at school or home has changed dramatically.

  • Their school performance changed.

  • They under more stress than usual.

  • They are getting lower grades than normal.

  • They moody at home.

  • They are getting in trouble at school or in the community.

  • You find them avoiding school or community activities.


  • Your teen no longer hanging out with friends or have changed friend groups completely.

  • Avoidance of all social functions recently.

  • Anger towards their friends?

  • Lack of friends. 

Angry & irritable

  • Your teen is more irritable and quicker to anger than they used to be.

  • Anger or irritability is starting to affect their life.

  • The anger is preventing them from functioning.

Excessive worry

  • Worrying stops them from doing things.

  • Worrying about school and grades is so overwhelming that they are in tears.

  • Worry affects their sleep or mood?

Dramatic changes in sleep habits

  • They sleeping much more or much less.

  • Always tired.

  • Choosing to sleep in the middle of the day or always needs a nap. 

  • Sleeping instead of doing something they once found fun.

Self-destructive behavior

  • Cutting.

  • Drinking.

  • Drugs.

  • Excessive risk taking.

If your teenager could benefit from working with a therapist, let us pair you with one who can help.