Getting Back To The Gym

Everyone can understand the struggle of attempting to get back into a workout routine. It can feel nearly impossible when you aim to go to the gym each day, but you don’t go consistently. Here are some tips to get you back to the gym, so you can feel healthy and be mentally sharp.

1) Don’t expect to be at the same level you were before

A lot of times we stop going back to the gym because we don’t feel that we are at the same physical level we were once at. Unfortunately, when you take extended time off of working out, you will lose some of your abilities. All this means is that it is going to take some time for your body to get back to the point where you were before. This is completely normal and you will regain your strength quicker than it took you in the first place. Thank you muscle memory!

2) Be patient

While it can be difficult to continue to go to the gym when you are not as fast or strong as you were before, you have to be patient. Allow your body to be exactly where it needs to be, which means acknowledging and accepting your energy level or strength. Trust the process and understand that consistency will be key in returning to your normal workouts. If you push yourself too much, you can increase your risk of injury, which will leave you out of the gym for even longer.

3) Remember you’ll probably be sore

If you have not been to the gym in a while or are increasing your workouts, you will probably feel sore afterwards. The soreness will not last forever and once you get back into a routine, you will find yourself working out with little soreness after. If you want to be less sore, make sure that you are warming up, stretching, and cooling down. Don’t let being sore prevent you from getting back to the gym, even if that means your workout the next day is a little lighter. It’s all about forming routines and habits.

4) Get a life coach

Sometimes having a little extra help and push can do the trick. Having someone to hold you accountable is going to assist you in reaching your goals. A life coach will help you create a workout plan and find out what is really holding you back from reaching your fitness goals. To work with a life coach who can help, click here.