Preventing Caregiver Burnout


Being a caregiver is a labor of love and can be physically and emotionally tolling. It can be very exhausting to be the person that a loved one relies on. This exhaustion is referred to as "caregiver burnout".

Warning signs of burnout:

1) Quick to become angry or irritated

2) Spending more time alone

3) Suffering from insomnia or excessive sleep

4) Eating more or avoiding food

5) Feeling defeated or unmotivated

6) Losing interest in hobbies

What to do if you feel yourself burning out

It is important to recognize and identify burnout before it negatively impacts your life. Some things you can do to prevent burnout are:

1) Self Care

2) Find Support

3) Talk To A Professional

If you are feeling like you are starting to burn out or need help preventing this, click here to work with a modern therapist who can help!

Staying positive and keeping yourself healthy will help improve the stress that comes with being a caregiver. Although it is a difficult task, those quiet hours when you are alone with a loved one is most important.