3 Natural Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugs


Nearly 80 million Americans are taking psychiatric drugs. Often times, those who are prescribed medication are not informed about numerous, viable alternatives. Before agreeing to taking medication, try giving these 3 alternatives a try. 

Healthy Lifestyle Choices


This may sound simple. Buy, one of the best ways to improve your mental health is by improving your diet. Research shows that people who keep their diet rich in whole foods, proteins and probiotics have a lower risk of depression over time. 


In individuals with depression, the benefits of exercise may be just as or more beneficial than psychotropic drugs, particularly in the long-term. One study found that, in older patients, antidepressant treatment result in a faster response in exercise, but that the results were equal in exercise versus medication after just 16 weeks. 

Dietary Supplements


Omega 3 fatty acids should be consumed daily. Most experts recommend about 500mg per day which can easily be reached by taking a high quality supplement. Multiple clinical trials confirm that omega 3 supplements have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, antisocial behavior, and borderline personality disorder. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally produced by the sun, which is why getting a lot of sunlight makes us feel good. However, taking vitamin d in the form of a supplement can be a good way to mimic this affect. 

L-lysine and L-arginine

Both L-lysine and L-arginine are amino acids available in supplement form. Research has shown that in rats, L-lysine seems to decrease stress-induced anxiety symptoms. 


Inositol is a compound found in particular fruits such as cantaloupe and oranges which has modest effecting in patients with panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils for depression and anxiety have been studied extensively over the years, and several of them have impressive benefits, such as:

  • Lavender

  • Roman chamomile

  • Orange

  • Lemongrass

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy can be an effective tool used in combination or as a replacement to medication. Techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help teach coping skills, navigate the emotions and overcome them. Click the link below to try working with a licensed professional who is skilled in talk therapy.