Coping With A Miscarriage


According to MayoClinic, roughly one in four women experience a miscarriage. Although, many of those women don’t get the support they need. A miscarriage brings loneliness, and a host of other overwhelming emotions that are important to deal with head on. If you’ve recently experienced a miscarriage, here are a few things that may help you through this period of grieving.

Seek Support

The majority of miscarriages occur between six and 10 weeks. At this point, it’s likely that friends and family are aware of the pregnancy. Due to this, it can be very painful to share the news of the miscarriage to those around you. Many women choose to stay silent because of this, but your family can really be such a strong support system for you at this time. Part of a healthy emotional recovery is sharing your feelings of grieve, whether that be with a family member, friend, or professional.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Many women initially struggle with guilt or blame after a miscarriage. They go back and forth through their mind trying to think of how it could have been caused, and if it was something they did. This couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. Blaming yourself is not going to change anything and will only make you feel worse. Instead, focus on what you can control - how you react healthily and cope with what’s happened.

Conduct A Ceremony

Holding a funeral or commemoration for a baby that was never born may feel a little confusing, but it can help provide a strong passage for healing. A ceremony can be a private event in your backyard alone, planting a commemorative tree with your immediate family, or hosting a formal gathering in a church surrounded by family and friends.

Find Healing Through Activity

Write something. Writing a letter to your child who you’re mourning explaining how you feel. Keeping a private journal where you can process your thoughts can also be a good way to help you cope with grief.

Make Jewelry. Crafting jewelry is a beautiful way to honor the loss of a baby. It is an expression of the beauty in life.

Grow something. It can be extremely healing. A tree, bush, flower, any of these will do. This is a reminder of the life you lost and the fact this loss will always be with you.