How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is amazing for many reasons - it expands our scope of the world, introduces us to new experiences, and allows us to leave our comfort zone. With all of these perks, it can also be stressful and have an effect on our health. Here are some simple tips on staying healthy while traveling.

1) Sleep

Sleeping may be the most important thing you can do while traveling. When you are physically tired, crossing time zones, and walking all day, your body needs to rest. Listen to your body - if you walked all day and feel exhausted, try to squeeze in a nap before dinner.

2) Pace Yourself

You don’t have to push yourself to see an entire city in one day. Try to stay in one place for a little bit longer or spread out your itinerary. If you know you have a big day of exploring, try to make your following day more low key.

3) Stretch

Try to dedicate just 5-10 minutes each morning to stretch prior to starting a long day. This will help you feel refreshed and allow your body to keep going. You can also try to stretch right before bedtime, which will help relax your muscles and give you a better sleep.

4) Breathe

You have the ability to sneak in breathing exercises anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale. Repeat this until you feel your body calming down. This will help counter the stress of traveling.

5) Walk Everywhere

Not only will walking help you to discover more about where you are, but you can also get your daily exercise in. Skip the elevator and take the stairs or walk to the train station!

7) Eat Breakfast

It is easy to buy something small for breakfast, even if you are going to have a big lunch. Whatever you do, do not skip breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day and will give you the energy to start your day off right.

8) Hydrate

Try to carry a water bottle around with you at all times. It can be inconvenient to always need to find a public restroom, but your body will thank you. Staying hydrated will help you feel healthy!

9) Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcohol is packed with calories and disrupts your sleep. Of course, you want to enjoy drinks while you are on vacation, but the key will be enjoying in moderation. You will feel better overall!

10) Order Veggies

There is nothing wrong with indulging in food while traveling! After all, you have to embrace the food to really learn about the culture. With that being said, try to eat veggies when you can. Picking healthier options for at least one meal a day will help balance your diet and make you feel less fatigued.

13) Use Hand Sanitizer

This comes in handy when soap and water are not available. When you are walking all day and coming in contact with people, the last thing you want to do is eat with dirty hands. Using hand sanitizer will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

15) Take Your Vitamins

It can be difficult to eat a healthy, balanced meal while on the go, so make sure you are taking your daily multi-vitamins to supplement.

You will enjoy your traveling more if you are able to stay healthy!