Why You Should Try Online Therapy


It All Begins With You.

Many clients have wondered why therapy has not been modernized in such a long time. Psychotherapy has been around for over 150 years and little progress has been made. Freud began seeing patients for talk therapy by having them divulge all of their conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts while lying on his couch, which is still common practice for many therapists (minus the lying down part!). But thankfully, just recently, there has been a new wave of therapy in the New Jersey and New York areas - therapists seeing their clients online. Having an online therapist can mean different things, such as texting your therapist throughout the week to update them on your progress, talking on the phone with your therapist for shorter updates, or even scheduling an online session when you want to see your therapist face to face. It really is a therapeutic plan that is geared towards your individual needs and is more practical than waiting an entire week to seek help.

5 Benefits to Online Therapy:


1. No Physical Boundaries:

Connecting with a counselor online eliminates the need to seek out a therapist within your city limits. This gives you a much wider range of therapists to choose from, instead of staying with one you do not feel comfortable with for geographical reasons.


2. Efficiency:

Working full-time, raising a family, going to school, whatever life throws at you - chances are, most people set aside very little time for personal care. Having a dedicated online therapist means that whenever you have a moment, you can shoot them a text, email, or hop on the phone with them. Therapy no longer needs a two hour commitment of driving to your therapist, having your session and driving home.


3. No More Stigma:

It is very common for people to avoid therapy due to the surrounding stigma. With online therapy, you have nothing to worry about! You won’t run into anyone in the waiting room, you don’t have to go to a set weekly appointment, and you can get the guidance you need without stressing yourself out even more.


4. Privacy:

Online therapy gives you the privacy and confidentiality you expect when seeking a therapist. When seeing an online therapist on a platform, they must adhere to their local and federal laws and your sessions are always protected by HIPAA.  


5. Pricing:

Online therapy will cost less than traditional therapy due to the nature of the model. Even those who use their insurance to see a therapist in person, tend to pay copays as high as what you would pay out of pocket to see an online therapist. For therapists who do not accept insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150-$200 a session. With online monthly subscriptions, you can have therapy in the palm of your hands for a much more affordable rate.

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