4 Types of Introversion

1) Social Introversion

A social introvert is the type of introvert who likes to be alone and prefers not to socialize. If they do have to, they prefer to keep their group fairly small and close-knit. Social introverts recharge by being alone. Having to be around people drains them emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This trait can often be mistaken for shyness. This does not necessary mean that they are shy or have social anixety, it simply means that they prefer solitude over time spent with a lot of people.

2) Thinking Introversion

A thinking introvert is somebody who likes to think, about anything and everything. They tend to be self-reflective and analyze situations, conversations, and memories. A good way to look at it is that thinking introverts are “capable of getting lost in an internal fantasy world. But it’s not in a neurotic way; it’s in an imaginative and creative way.

3) Anxious Introversion

Anxious introverts get anxious in social situations. They may stay away from a party because they experience a high state of anxiety, self-consciousness and awkwardness when in or thinking about a social situation. This kind of introversion also ties in with worrying about previous social interactions.

4) Restrained Introversion

Restrained introverts are people who take a while to warm up and may enjoy themselves only after they become used to the situation and the people. Another word for this type is reserved. They prefer to observe and think prior to speaking or acting.