6 Reasons Why You Should Clean Off Your Desk


Sometimes we are so busy with work, that our workspace becomes messy. The good news is that a cluttered desk can be quickly changed and have an extremely positive impact. Here are six reasons why cleaning and organizing your desk should be on the top of your priority list!

1) It makes you look more professional

A clean and organized desk projects an image of competence. When you take pride in your work appearance, people take notice!


2) It makes you more efficient

Knowing where things are keeps you more productive and on top of your work. Less surface clutter ensures that you know exactly where things are when you need them.


3) It assures that you have room to work

A functional desk will have clear space where items can be spread out and referenced easily. This will give you the room you need to accomplish any task you set out to do.


4) It helps keep sensitive information safe

If you are dealing with sensitive information, it is best not to leave paperwork around on your desk. Putting these important documents away will keep you in line with standard privacy guidelines. 


5) It keeps you on task

It is difficult to prioritize your project if you are not organized. A messy desk can be overwhelming and does not tell you where to start. A prioritized written list posted on your desk can be the road map for calm productivity.


6) It keeps your supplies in one place

Interruptions can throw you off of your game and if you are always moving around trying to find something you need, it can be hard to concentrate on your projects. Organizing with bins is great for storing supplies and keeping them easily accessible.