How To Get Over A Bad Breakup


A breakup can be a complete shock to the system. In addition to changing everything you’ve grown comfortable with, there are so many questions that you may never find the answer to. You may start questioning your own value and find yourself wondering if things will ever get better. While nothing changes over night, there are some specific things you can do to really speed up the recovery process. Below are a few tips that may help!

Do NOT check up on them on social media. This will reinforce your ex’s presence in your mind and only make it harder for you to stop fantasizing about your broken relationship.

Avoid creating mysteries about why the break-up happened, this will give your ex a starring role in your thoughts when you need to downgrade them to an extra. Accept any explanation that fits the facts and keeps your self-esteem intact.

Make a list of all of the compromises you had to make in the relationship that you would rather not make next time.

Do the things that used to bring you enjoyment and interest even if they don’t seem interesting and enjoyable now. Going through the motions is an important way to signal to yourself that life goes on.

Remove reminders of the relationship that cause you distress or pain such as texts and photographs.

Reach out to friends and make the most of their support; heartbreak is ubiquitous and everybody has their own words of wisdom to offer.

Breakups can be extremely traumatic and can lead to anxiety and depressive disorders if not dealt with properly. If you find yourself really struggling to get over your past relationship, don’t be afraid to seek help from a professional. Online talk therapy is a private, and comfortable way to work with a therapist from the place where you’re most comfortable. Click here to learn more about scheduling a phone or video session today.