Is It Time to Make a Change?


Have you found yourself asking this question? So many of us live day to day, without realizing the potential we have to get much more out of life than what we have now. It makes sense that we do this. If you're living passively and not taking action, you will never achieve the potential that you're capable of as a person. 

Here are some signs it’s time for a change:

1. You feel like you have no other options

It's so important to realize that you are always in control, even if you feel like you are not. You do not have to continue living a life you don't want to, just because it's what you are used to. If you allow yourself to move on from situations that aren't impacting your growth positively, then it is time to make a change. Make a commitment to changing your life by making decisive choices starting today. 

2. You forgot that you are capable of achieving anything

Everyone deserves to reach their dreams and achieve what they desire. If you are surrounded by people who are discouraging you and distracting you from this, the innate drive that you have to reach your greatest potential is being suppressed. Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive and constructive attitude will help motivate you to run towards your dreams. 

3. You are turning small issues into big problems

Let go of the little annoyances that get you frustrated. Life is always going to throw hurdles your way. It is your decision how you let things affect you. Practice releasing something that you find annoying. Recognizing yourself and releasing the irritation from controlling you will give you a greater sense of freedom. 

4. You're obsessed with the past

Life is an experience that will bring you through peaks and mountains, then through streams and valleys. Recognize when its time to leave one chapter in the past and shift focuses to the present or future. We can choose to be complacent, stuck or obsessed with all that has gone wrong in life, or a decision that we once made. Turn your thoughts to the fact that every day is a new day, with an abundance of new opportunity. 

5. You’ve lost your passion

You wakeup in the morning and lack a level of excitement about your life. The days drag on and you can't remember the last time you jumped out of bed with a spring in your step. Finding something to be enthusiastic about is one of the factors that contribute to a full-filling life. Try to actively seek your passion each day.