Using Dating Apps In A Healthy Way


Dating apps have become more common than ever. With online harassment, cat-fishing, and other topics at the forefront of the news, it’s important to determine the healthiest ways to make use of these apps. Let’s break down the safest and healthiest ways to use them.

Limit Overall App Usage

There are two ways to do this that are quick and simple. One is to turn off notifications for apps so that you aren’t tempted to check each app immediately upon notification. The second one can be more challenging. Commit to yourself that you will not use apps in the presence of others such as family members, friends, co-workers, etc. In using these strategies you are guaranteeing a reduction in app usage.

Do Not Internalize The Behavior Of Others

Ugh! Ghosting is the worst! Everyone has had an experience with the flakiness of others on dating apps. You may even be victim to an insult or have known someone who has experienced something like this. Remember, others’ behaviors are not a reflection of you. This is crucial to keep in mind as you use a dating app. Keep being your awesome self, ignore the haters, and move forward!

Be Kind

Don’t get caught up in the negativity of others. Be sure to not insult, shame or stigmatize fellow app users. Remember, they are humans just like you! Negativity can have a ripple effect and spread from one person to another. Let it stop with you, put your best foot forward and ignore negativity. When you are kind, that kindness will return back to you. Even if you aren’t interested in someone, there are kind ways to go about sharing your feelings.

Take Breaks

Take breaks from app usage and spend time with others in your life. Using dating apps can be emotionally exhausting; it’s important to take a break and make sure you are continuing to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Hey, you may even meet someone you are romantically interested in while you are out and about with others.

Do Not Use Dating Apps To Cope

Avoid app usage as a response to feeling sad, angry, bored or frustrated. We live in a world where we have so much access to immediate validation, so it can be easy to grab the phone whenever we are feeling down. Make sure you have other strategies to use such as spending time with friends, taking a walk, going to a class or others as coping mechanisms outside of app usage.

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