Getting Through A Breakup

Going through a breakup is challenging. Whether you ended the relationship or they did, the pain of moving forward can be hard to handle. Everyone reacts differently to break ups. Unfortunately, there is no single cure for a heartache, but here are some tips to help you healthily make it through.

1) Realistically think about the relationship 

Post-breakup, we tend to only think of all the good things or all of the bad things, with no in between. One way to help move forward is to reflect on the different parts of the relationship. Try making .a list of things you were not happy with and by the end, you may realize that the separation was for the best.

2) Try reading a self-help book

It may sound cheesy, but there are a lot of thoughtful advice and support in self-help books. Spending some time focusing on how you can improve different aspects of your life will help boost your self-esteem. In time, you will have used this as an opportunity to take the time you have alone and focus on yourself.

3) Talk it out

It is healthy to talk about your feelings regarding your loss with close friends and family. Try grabbing drinks or dinner with someone who is willing to listen for a night and see where the conversation leads. You might even learn something about yourself! 

4) Resist the urge to act out

Analyze your feelings, including the impulsive or angrier ones, but try not to act on them. Excessive drinking, overeating, shopping, and having your friends check out your ex's social media is not going to help you, although it can feel good in the moment. Give yourself time to process your feelings appropriately and you will feel better about yourself in the long run.

5) Keep a personal journal

Journaling can be helpful for a lot of people. Keeping a personal journal can not only be therapeutic, but it can help decrease the chances of you oversharing on social media. Plus, writing things down helps you analyze what you are going through and feeling.

6) Talk to a professional

Seeking out therapy can facilitate this painful process. Use the break up as an opportunity to learn about yourself and reflect on your choices in partners. To get paired with a therapist who specializes in break ups, click here.