Tips to Develop a Stronger Routine


Developing a solid routine is the key to conquering the day! Unfortunately, with everything that life throws at us, sometimes it can be difficult to stick to one. However, if you can stick to one, it could be a game changer. Here are some tips that you can implement to help build and stick to a stronger routine.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you find yourself skipping breakfast because it’s too much effort or takes too long, you’re starting your day in a stressful rush. You’re also denying your body of the nourishment it needs to make it through the day with a full tank of energy. Prepping your breakfast the night before will help ensure that you start your day with a good meal.

Here are some other fast, easy breakfast ideas you could try:

  • Yogurt with fresh fruit toppings

  • Oatmeal muffins

  • No-bake oatmeal breakfast bars

  • Frozen fruit smoothie

  • Omelette-in-a-pita

2. Keep Your Routine on Weekends

When the weekend finally arrives, it can be tempting to stay up a little later and sleep in. Doing this messes up your circadian rhythm and can throw your bodies internal clock off when the new week rolls around leaving you tired and groggy. In order to get into a “flow” with your routine, make sure that you are repeating the start and end of your day in a similar way as often as possible.

3. Develop Habits That You Repeat Daily

Doing the same activity daily at certain times can help when it comes to sticking to your routine. For example, when it’s time to go to bed, try implementing an activity that will allow you to disengage from the workday. This could be going for a 20 minute walk every evening at 9:00 pm. This wind down period will allow you to evaluate the day, give your mind a chance to ponder thoughts, and reach a physical state of tiredness. After the activity, go straight to bed. Repeating a ritual like this nightly will do wonders for strengthening your routine.

4. Leverage Your Alarm

One of the most difficult parts of sticking to a routine is that we forget to! Most of us have alarms to wake us up in the mornings, but this function can be super helpful in reminding us to stick to our routine. Try setting occurring alarms on your phone for activities you know you need to get done. When that alarm bell rings, drop whatever your doing and focus on that activity. Make sure that alarm is set for the same day and time each week. This will build consistency in your schedule.

5. Track Your Habits and Make Adjustments

It takes time and effort to build up a solid routine. Paying close attention to your weekday and weekend habits will help you discover the insights you need to improve your daily routine. Truly understanding how you live right now can help you make the adjustments that will help you work towards how you want to live in the future.