How To Enjoy Your Phone: The Healthy Way


Our smartphones have become something we can’t live without, yet can often be extremely frustrating to manage. Smartphones have made our lives much easier, however we know they have also greatly impacted our physical and mental well-being. Research is constantly being promoted to highlight the negative impacts of smartphone usage from social media leading to the development of anxiety disorders and depression to the light damaging our eyes, or usage late at night impacting sleep. Smartphones are also quite addictive which is something known by many all too well. 

With this fund of information, it’s important to make use of your cell phone to improve your health. Here are some ways that our smartphones can be used to improve well-being rather than diminish it. 

Practice Meditation With Your Smartphone

There are so many mindfulness and meditation apps on the market to help with sleep, anxiety, concentration and many others. Apps like Headspace make it possible for you to use your phone as a “soft reset” for your brain throughout the week with quick, 2-3 minute meditations. With the ability to sync this to your phone, you can also track your progress via Apple Health

Set Boundaries With Your Phone

We often talk about boundaries in relationships, one of those is the relationship you have with your phone. Try to set a boundary by banning it from your bedroom and making use of an alarm clock instead. Set a timer each evening for when you will turn your phone off or on airplane mode so that notifications and social media do not distract you from getting a good night’s rest.

During the morning, create a morning routine where you wake up and start your day without first checking your phone. This will allow you to ease into the day without feeling that immediate pull to answer an email or start working right away. 

Lastly, try to reduce social media scrolling, especially during downtime before bed. We all do this however the impact to our self-esteem is real. Social media is a constructed reality and shows only the parts one wants us to see. Therefore, take a step back and give yourself a break, try looking at accounts that promote self-care and support.

Use Your Phone To Improve Your Relationships

Friends, romantic partners, and family are all integral parts of our lives. Make it a priority to spend time with them sans cell phone. Talk with others about setting this boundary and see what works for you (we all love a good food photo on Instagram!). Try to set boundaries around putting phones away during conversations, mealtimes, and quality activities you have planned. 

Cell phones have become a crucial part of our lives in how we manage our day to communicating with others. However, some slight changes in the way we use them can drastically improve our well-being.