Perks of Online Therapy

Perks of Online Therapy


If you are curious about trying online therapy, here are a few of the advantages to consider:

Larger Selection of Therapists

You have access to work with any therapist in your state, which vastly widens your geographical reach. Finding the best therapist for your needs is crucial. By casting a wider net, you have a better chance of therapeutic success.

Scheduling Flexibility & Time Saving

Online therapy eliminates the worry of being late or missing a session due to traffic or weather. Due to the nature of online therapy, you will find that many therapists also have a very flexible schedule. This flexibility will help get you sessions outside of the traditional 9-5 hours (which really do not work for most people!)

Improved Anonymity

A “dual relationship” refers to having any other relationship (personal, business, etc.) with your therapist outside of your therapeutic relationship. By being able to choose outside of your geographical area, you have access to therapists who are less likely to know your family or friends. Teletherapy gives you the anonymity that we crave when working with a therapist.

Distance Couples & Family Therapy

Trying to schedule couples or family therapy can be very challenging, especially when one or more people travel. Online therapy is a great way to bridge the distance gap and help maintain regular therapeutic sessions.

If you are ready to give online therapy a try click here to be paired with a therapist who is best fit for your needs!